How Women in Loss Prevention Perceive the Industry in 2018

women in loss prevention

The nature of the loss prevention industry has changed dramatically in the last few decades. While LP was once focused on shoplifter apprehensions, now the job description encompasses a broad range of theft issues, data protection, inventory audits, and more. Despite the evolution of the industry, however, it remains a predominantly male environment. LP Magazine wanted to know why. Why aren’t there more women in loss prevention?

In an effort to find out how women truly feel about the industry, Editorial Director Jac Brittain, LPC, recently undertook a major project with a comprehensive survey designed for the women in loss prevention, by the women in loss prevention.

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He shares the survey process and a selection of the results in a feature article from the May–June 2018 print issue of the magazine:

The goal of the survey was to provide an objective window into the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of the women of LP regarding these key areas and to open doors for additional discussion. By offering an anonymous venue for women to openly voice their views on these topics, we gained a more complete and comprehensive understanding of how the women of loss prevention perceive these important questions and perhaps can spark fresh thoughts and ideas on how we can best address these topics to further enhance our LP teams.

The survey was constructed by women for the women of loss prevention. We began by approaching approximately twenty prominent women in leadership roles across the loss prevention industry, asking them to provide a list of questions they felt represented important and productive topics relevant to the industry. Several of these leaders further encouraged women on their teams to participate in the process, resulting in a wide spectrum of topics.

Find out more about the respondents and discover how women in loss prevention truly perceive their roles and industry in “Women of Loss Prevention,” the feature article from the May–June issue. You can also download the original survey report, sponsored by Tyco Retail Solutions and Protos, in its entirety.

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