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Interviewing: The Closed-Ended Conundrum

Resist the urge to “interrogate” when your goal is to obtain as much information as possible. Be a better listener and you’ll be amazed at what you may have been missing.
HSI busts dangerous ORC gang

LPM EXCLUSIVE: Carolina HSI Busts Dangerous ORC Gang in $5 Million Case

The October raid resulted in the recovery of $167,000 in stolen merchandise and 28 firearms including assault rifles, silencers, and 20,000 rounds of ammunition.

Getting into the Meat of Things: $9 Million Cargo Theft Ring Busted

A recent investigation into the theft of several semi-trailers and loads of frozen beef has identified 45 related thefts totaling $9 million in loss.
Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit video

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit at Work

Intelligence from Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit helped law enforcement remove more than 10,000 counterfeit automotive grilles from the global supply chain.

Sacramento DA Anne Marie Schubert on Organized Retail Crime

To gain more perspective, we recently sat down with one of the best in the business. Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert is a career prosecutor with thirty-one years of law enforcement experience.
social media

8 Free Tools to Help with Your Social Media Investigation

Getting help from these valuable online tools can also help investigators be more efficient in social media investigations.

ON-DEMAND: Homeland Security Team Explains How They Fight ORC

The HSI team shares their efforts to work with retailers and create public-private partnerships, and how these partnerships help fight ORC.
Alt-tech social networks

Alt-Tech Social Networks: What Investigators and Analysts Need to Know

Alt-tech social networks represent platforms that have positioned themselves as new offerings to mainstream sites like Twitter and Facebook.
Auror Investigate

Auror Investigate Allows Investigators to Resolve More Cases, Faster

Designed with and for retail crime investigators, the platform seamlessly brings all current workflows into a single secure platform.

NLRB Shifts View of Confidentiality Mandates in Workplace Investigations

New precedent has been set in a case over a retail chain’s handling of workplace investigations. The recent decision by the National Labor Relations Board makes it presumptively lawful for employers to mandate confidentiality during workplace investigations.
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