Find out how women perceive their current roles in our industry in this FREE Special Report

Dear Loss Prevention Professional,

Some women refer to it as “the good ol’ boys network.” Other feel like there’s still a “glass ceiling” in the retail loss prevention industry.

This first Women of Loss Prevention survey, put forth exclusively by LP Magazine and sponsored by Tyco Retail Solutions and Protos, provides a unique, comprehensive look at how women view their current role in the loss prevention and asset protection industry, how they feel they are perceived as industry professionals, the role that they feel gender and gender bias has played in their ongoing career opportunities, and the responsibility of every LP professional to remain accountable for their own career growth and development.

It’s a critical issue for all LP professionals—women and men alike—and that’s why LP Magazine worked with loss prevention executives in the industry to survey women and published this Special Report, The Women of Loss Prevention, for you to download FREE.

Loss prevention can offer an exciting career path stocked with quality professionals, diverse options, and enticing opportunities. As is true with most professions, the industry has evolved significantly over the past several decades. Today’s LP professional is expected to be multi-dimensional, open-minded, global-thinking, enterprising and intelligent, serving as an integral component of the retail world and part of the foundation for a successful business plan. But have we done enough?

As the industry has evolved, doors have opened to reveal a new and exciting culture. Today companies understand and respect the importance of protecting a company’s assets against the challenges of total retail loss rather than simply making shoplifter apprehensions; recognizing the value of training and awareness while respecting the benefits of partnerships and diplomacy. This has encouraged a new and improved retail industry where effective loss prevention strategies are viewed as an integral part of a successful business model.

While tremendous strides have been made, we must maintain our focus and attention on every aspect of what we do, to include our ongoing relationship with all our colleagues. As more women continue to perform and excel in the loss prevention industry, every opportunity should be taken to ensure that all those who are part of our loss prevention teams are treated fairly, equally, and respectfully regardless of gender—or other bias.

The results of this survey as contained in this Special Report clearly indicates that this commitment to fair and equal treatment of all LP professionals must be shared across the loss prevention community, supported by company leadership, and equally respected by both the men and women of our organizations.

The goal of the survey is to provide an objective window into the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of the women of loss prevention regarding these key areas and open doors for additional discussion. By offering an anonymous venue for women to openly voice their views on these topics, we can gain a more comprehensive understanding of how the women in our industry perceive these important questions, and perhaps spark fresh thoughts and ideas on how we can best address these topics to further enhance our loss prevention teams.

The Women of Loss Prevention survey will stimulate your thinking about how women perceive their place in the retail LP organization. Download this FREE Special Report today and discuss the results with your asset protection team.


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