About LPM

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LP Magazine (aka LossPrevention magazine and LPM) was established in 2001 to provide news, information, and educational content for retail security—more commonly known as loss prevention or asset protection—professionals. Over the past two decades, LP Magazine has established itself as the leader in loss prevention news and education and the premier voice of the LP industry fulfilling its mission statement below with award-winning results, including Best B2B Magazine from NicheMedia and a Gold Marcom Award for Magazine Design.

LP Magazine
is a high-quality, contemporary magazine dedicated to providing in-depth, timely articles of high interest to loss prevention professionals, security and retail management. Covering wide-ranging topics from investigations to technology to management skills, LP Magazine focuses on best practices and educational content critical to the growth of the LP professional from the store level to the executive suite.

LP Magazine consists of a quarterly print publication plus two single-topic special editions as well as multiple digital channels, including a comprehensive web portal, daily e-newsletters, podcasts, whitepapers, webinars, EyeOnLP videos, as well as social media groups on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Our digital channels also include a wide range of sponsored content opportunities for our many advertising partners. Click here to review our comprehensive advertising and marketing programs.

Partner Organizations

Since 2000 LPM Media Group has provided custom publishing to retail organizations including internal marketing programs individualized to the corporate culture for education and training on critical loss prevention, safety, and operational policies and procedures to ensure a well-informed, motivated employee population. These programs consist of both print and computer-based communications and training modules as well as incentive programs.

The Loss Prevention Foundation was founded in 2009 as a not-for-profit organization to manage the industry’s LPQ and LPC certification programs. The concept for a professional certification designation for loss prevention professionals was introduced by LP Magazine in 2006. Over a three-year period hundreds of LP practitioners representing dozens of retail organizations worked together to build a body of knowledge that became the basis for the two certifications. The LPQualified represents a baseline of knowledge to jump-start the novice LP employee. The LPCertified represents a knowledge base necessary for someone with three to five years of experience that provides a foundation for LP management success.

Founded in 1999, LPjobs.com is the leading retail security and loss prevention employment site on the web. LPjobs.com offers job seekers the most comprehensive resources for finding employment while providing companies with the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to reach a targeted market of motivated and qualified job candidates.