Supply chain theft has become a global issue and is estimated to cost billions of dollars in losses annually. Retailers are facing numerous challenges in ensuring the safe transport of high value items from manufacturing facilities to their stores as the level of cargo theft increases rapidly. In addition to theft during logistics, transportation vulnerabilities and risks within the store environment all contribute to the threat landscape. An integrated and holistic approach that considers the entire supply chain process and retail environment is necessary to secure this process.

Within the retail industry, the transportation of high value products such as jewelry, cash withdrawals, computers, and ATMs require a robust security ecosystem. This whitepaper explores the critical aspects of securing the supply chain, focusing on before-store logistics, the transit process, and the security measures implemented within the retail environment. It specifically emphasizes how Protos, with its comprehensive security services, can contribute to safeguarding valuable merchandise and assets at every stage of the journey to prevent cargo theft.

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