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The Loss Prevention Magazine podcast keeps loss prevention professionals, security staff, and retail management up-to-date on important information and best practices for your business and career. Each episode features insights from retail loss protection, asset protection, law enforcement and more.

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LPM Podcast

The History and Evolution of Loss Prevention Magazine | Ep. 24

Jack Trlica joins Dr. Read Hayes of the LPRC to discuss the evolution of the LP industry over the past two decades and the launch of the magazine in 2001.
LPM Podcast

Lessons Learned from Retail’s Front Lines | Ep. 23

Big Lots’ VP of AP and safety discusses lessons learned in the pandemic as the retailer has seen more shoppers and sales, but also more areas of risk.
LPM Podcast

5 Key Tasks for Reopening Safely and Managing Risk | Ep. 22

COVID-19 and Beyond. Reopening our economy safely after COVID-19 is a global challenge. In this podcast, Greg Mummah, director of the Everbridge Center of Excellence,...
LPM Podcast

Preparing for an ORC Epidemic Post COVID-19 | Ep. 21

As retailers prepare stores for renewed foot traffic in the return to business on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to consider...
LPM Podcast

Supply Chain Challenges and Solutions in the COVID-19 Pandemic | Ep. 20

COVID-19 has forced businesses around the world to adapt and in many cases to transform from their typical business model to now relying heavily...
LPM Podcast

How to Prep Your Business to Recover from COVID-19

Most retailers are used to short-term store closures for a holiday and even in a disaster like a hurricane, when we might be closed...
LPM Podcast

How to Handle Layoffs and Furloughs Due to COVID-19 | Ep. 18

So, you’ve been furloughed or displaced—now what? First of all, don’t panic. There are many across the country and across the world that are...

10 Steps to Training Employees to Write Good Reports | Ep. 17

Report writing is a critical part of any loss prevention professional's job. When an incident occurs, whether it is a theft issue or an...

Volunteers in Action: Loss Prevention Professionals Giving Back | Ep. 16

Over the past decade, the National Retail Federation has recognized retailers and loss prevention professionals who donate their time and energy to give back...

To Stop or Not Stop Shoplifters: Is This Still a Question? | Ep. 15

No retailer wants to watch someone walk in their store, grab merchandise, and leave the store without paying. But what happens if a store...

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