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The Loss Prevention Magazine podcast keeps loss prevention professionals, security staff, and retail management up-to-date on important information and best practices for your business and career. Each episode features insights from retail loss protection, asset protection, law enforcement and more.

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Work-Life Balance Plus Diversity & Inclusion with David Lund | Ep. 42

Dick's Sporting Goods' David Lund addresses work-life balance and explores the confluence of issues relating to diversity and inclusion.

Forgiveness and Remote Working with RILA’s Lisa LaBruno | Ep. 41

RILA's Lisa LaBruno discusses how she found forgiveness from pain and maintaining connections with coworkers while working remotely.

Mask Wearing in Retail and Riot vs. Rebellion | Ep. 40

Meijer's Paul Jaeckle discusses the controversial issue of mask wearing in retail and Riot versus Rebellion as it relates to current protests.
LPM Podcast

Are ORCAs Enough to Fight Organized Retail Crime? | Ep. 39

This podcast discusses effective strategies for enhancing partnerships with law enforcement and the impact on overall crime reduction.
LPM Podcast

Legal Liability for Acts of Violence in Retail | Ep. 38

This podcast reviews high-profile lawsuits that illustrate the liability risks that can arise from different types of retail violence.
LPM Podcast

The Prisons Are Full and Why That Impacts Retail Crime | Ep. 37

Former law enforcement and LP investigator Frank Muscato examines retail theft and how some retailers are addressing the problem.
LPM Podcast

You Can Steal It, But You Can’t Use It | Ep. 36

In this podcast, Dr. Read Hayes of the LPRC discusses the history of benefit denial and where such technologies are headed.
LPM Podcast

1on1 with Read Hayes of the Loss Prevention Research Council | Ep. 35

The LPRC plays an important role in the retail LP industry. Learn how it came into being and how it has evolved over the past two decades.
LPM Podcast

Are Retailers to Blame for Organized Retail Crime? | Ep. 34

This podcast looks at the question of what role, if any, do retailers play in creating demand for stolen products.
LPM Podcast

Power and Control in Interviewing | Ep. 33

David Zulawski discusses how to balance the power and control aspects of an interview to get the results needed to gather the facts.