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LPM Survey: Storefront Security and Emergency Response 2024

Break-ins and break-in attempts are always a concern for retailers for safety and security reasons, and these concerns have heightened due to the growing threats faced in recent years.

WHITEPAPER: Protecting Precious Cargo Throughout the Supply Chain

This whitepaper explores the critical aspects of securing the supply chain, focusing on before-store logistics, the transit process, and the security measures implemented within the retail environment.

WHITEPAPER: Building Robust ORC Cases with License Plate Recognition Technology

By capturing and analyzing license plate data, LPR technology equips loss prevention teams with crucial evidence to establish connections between suspects, vehicles, and stolen merchandise.

WHITEPAPER: Elevating Retail Security

In order to stay ahead of the curve and effectively combat security threats, retailers need to explore innovative solutions that complement their existing security strategies.

WHITEPAPER: Leveraging Law Enforcement and Security Measures to Combat ORC

In this whitepaper, a number of challenges associated with ORC are outlined, as well as strategies and best practices that retailers should follow to collaborate effectively with law enforcement and other stakeholders.

WHITE PAPER: How Retail Loss Prevention Can Fight Fraud and Reduce Shrink

In this white paper, Michael Leithner, retail loss prevention specialist at TransUnion, explores how the right tools can transform data into actionable insights that retail loss prevention teams can use to fight fraud and reduce shrink.

An Integrated Approach for Retail Security Leaders: Effective Strategies and Results

Download this whitepaper to learn how different security solutions can help streamline operations, reduce theft and protect the safety of communities.

WHITEPAPER: Top 4 Factors to Consider for Your Retail Security System

The right physical security system can significantly impact your security team’s ability to target loss prevention, make informed decisions, and improve customer service.
Prescription Analytics

Undertaking Your Loss Prevention Analytics Journey with ThinkLP

Prescriptive analytics is a powerful component of a total loss prevention strategy—it can help automate the detection of loss events in your business and drive your team toward making the most of the data available from a wide range of sources.

Genetec Alerts Organizations to Risks of Legacy Access Control Systems as Cyberattacks Increase

With the increasing rise in cybercrime, Genetec is cautioning organizations of all sizes to be vigilant about the cybersecurity risk posed by legacy access control systems.
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