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Back to the Post-Pandemic Bright Future of Physical Retail Stores

With brick-and-mortar sales generating over $18.5 trillion in the US in 2020, the physical store will continue to act as the epicenter of the post–COVID retail experience.

Top Apps for Loss Prevention Professionals

The very best business and travel apps improve productivity and efficiency for busy LP pros who are always on the go.
Top LP themes for 2021

The Top 10 Hot List of LP Themes for 2021

While not exhaustive, these ten themes will be central to loss prevention and asset protection organizations in 2021.

What Retailers Need to Know about the Global Chip Shortage

While unanticipated changes caused by COVID affected the supply and demand of computer chips in 2020, we are still seeing these effects today.

Ransomware Thrives in Retail with Focus on COVID

Ransomware attacks haven’t slowed much during the pandemic, and retailers are still vulnerable as evidenced by two recent attacks on Boggi Milano and Home Hardware.

LP People on the Move: April 2021

The past year has showered everyone across the globe with the unexpected as we’ve dealt with the challenges of the pandemic, the need to...
COVID vaccine

Answers from the Experts on the COVID-19 Vaccines | Ep. 51

In this podcast, experts with the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health provide the most current vaccine information available.

Workplace Violence Is Broken Down into 4 Categories

OSHA estimates that about 2 million workers report violent workplace incidents each year. The actual number of incidents is thought to be much higher as many events probably do not get reported. Here are some best practices all employers should do to help protect workers.

Older Workers Could be Key as Labor Market Improves, but Integrating Generations Needs Attention

With full employment, recruiting employees becomes more difficult, which is a good reason for retailers to look to older workers to fill frontline security and LP positions.

The Unexpected Spy: One Woman’s Journey Fighting Terrorism

When you learn of Tracy Walder’s experiences in the CIA and FBI, it will leave you fascinated, intrigued, and all those other words that mean you want to learn more.
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