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The Blurring Lines between ORC and Cyber Crime

In 2003, the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) worked on a three-year international research project with the University of Leicester, UK. The research was focused on the impact of organized retail crime (ORC) on communities, businesses, and individuals. This became the pivotal point when retailers transitioned away from using the   Read More

Taking a Data-Centric Role to Add Value to Your Company

Taking a Data-Centric Role to Add Value to Your Company

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dan Faketty is vice president of asset protection for Southeastern Grocers based in Jacksonville, Florida. Prior to moving into a leadership role with Winn-Dixie in 2005, he was vice president of loss prevention at Harris Teeter, director of loss control for Super Kmart Centers, and regional LP manager   Read More

A Culture of Innovation

Savvy leaders shape the cultures of their departments to drive innovation. They know that culture—the values, norms, unconscious messages, and subtle behaviors of leaders and employees—will either enhance or limit performance. This type of creative thinking can be encouraged and rewarded, or discouraged. What’s important is that we take the   Read More