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LPM Insider’s Top 5 Loss Prevention Articles of 2018

Walmart Asset Protection in 2018: Transforming with Technology

By Karen Rondeau

Walmart AP’s transformation journey started three years ago on their quest to achieve their aggressive shrink goal, and in August, they were able to celebrate the progress that’s been made in reducing unknown shrinkage.

According to Joe Schrauder, vice president of asset protection, the shrink reduction success was not brought about by just one thing, but rather the combination of many factors working together. Schrauder spoke to the fact that investments made in the stores and in the associates are working, but he emphasized that the AP leadership is to be credited for bringing the strategy to life across 4,700 stores.

Schrauder then challenged the team to deliver better results by staying ahead of change, driving innovation, and providing the leadership that will push the team to get better every day. “Change is hard, and the pace of change will not slow,” he said. “The better we become at adapting, owning, and implementing it—the easier it will get.” … Read the full article.

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Women of Loss Prevention 

Survey Results Reveal How Women View Their Current Roles in the Industry

By Jac Brittain, LPC

Loss prevention has evolved significantly over the past several decades. Today’s loss prevention professionals are expected to be multidimensional, open minded, global thinking, enterprising, and intelligent. Company leaders now understand and respect the importance of protecting the company’s assets against the challenges of total retail loss (rather than simply making shoplifter apprehensions), recognizing the value of training and awareness, and respecting the benefits of partnerships and diplomacy. This has encouraged a new and improved retail industry where effective loss prevention strategies are echoed from the C-suite and entwined in the retail business model.

Yet as far as we have come, there are still mountains to climb. Talented, driven, intelligent, and capable women have long been an integral part of the loss prevention industry, but the profession is still largely male-dominated. Why? Is it the general perception women have of the profession? Is it the potential physical aspects of the job, the culture of the times, or other choices available to women? Is it the way women are treated or perceived within the industry? Is it something else?… Read the full article.

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Longtime Industry Icon Bob MacLea Passes at Age 75

By Jack Trlica

Bob MacLea, one of the retail industry’s longest-tenured and most-respected loss prevention executives, lost his battle with cancer on Thursday, March 1. Beginning his career as a security officer in 1975 with Marshalls Department Stores, MacLea steadily rose through the TJX corporation, ultimately retiring as senior vice president of loss prevention in October 2016 after 41 years. Asked why he worked as long as he did, MacLea reportedly said, “I’ve always been told that when you retire, you should do something you love. I love my job and can’t think of anything I’d rather do. So why should I even think about leaving?”

News of MacLea’s passing prompted a chorus of emails, text messages, and phone calls between the many men and women touched by MacLea, who was known as much for his compassion for people as his competency as a retail security practitioner. One of his direct reports at TJX explained that he coined the phrase “relationships before tasks” to describe his philosophy for building the loss prevention mindset inside both the LP organization as well as throughout the TJX culture…. Read the full article.

A Lifetime of Learning 

Chad McIntosh reflects on lessons learned among big brands and respected industry leaders.

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By James Lee, LPC

EDITOR’S NOTE: Chad McIntosh is the vice president of loss prevention and risk management for Bloomingdale’s. He has more than forty years of loss prevention experience with companies that include Macy’s, Polo Ralph Lauren, and The Home Depot. Throughout his career, McIntosh has been highly active in the loss prevention industry, supporting the National Retail Federation and Retail Industry Leaders Association and serving as a founding member of the Loss Prevention Research Council. He is retiring in September 2018 but looking forward to remaining active in the industry.

EDITOR: How did you get your start in loss prevention?

MCINTOSH: I started forty years ago at Woodies, or Woodward & Lothrop, as a part-time store detective—greatest job in the world. This was in Washington, DC, while I was attending the University of Maryland.

Lew Shealy was my first real boss, and he set the foundation for me. Loss prevention was called security then, and he was the type of boss who set a standard of professionalism, excellence, and pride in what you do. He had a way of putting together an awareness campaign that always struck me, especially during the holiday season. He was one of the major voices in retail security back then…. Read the full article.

Stop Basing Your Loss Prevention Procedures on Sticky Myths

By Mike Giblin, LPRC

“Wait, I’m thinking about this all wrong.” Even the most careful and logical among us catch ourselves on occasion. We thought something was true, but we learn that it wasn’t. Further, we realize that our thought process had been illogical. In some rare instances, that realization is fleeting, and we end up reverting back to what’s familiar and comfortable. Some habits, some beliefs, and some trains of thought regarding loss prevention procedures we choose to follow, die hard.

Take a common example. Most of us are aware that science has debunked the myth that “lightning can’t strike twice in the same place.” There are hundreds of recorded incidences proving that it can, and has. In fact, it directly defies logic, not to mention defeats the purpose of lightning rods, to think that lightning won’t choose the highest and most conductive target over and over again. It’s not just untrue, it’s illogical, and we know it. Yet that truth hasn’t really stuck with us as well as the myth has…. Read the full article.

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