Stronger Together: Loss Prevention Takes Charge in Charlotte

Trifecta of loss prevention meetings discuss today’s agenda and tomorrow's opportunities.

Welcome from the annual loss prevention meeting trifecta from Charlotte, North Carolina as back-to-back-to-back loss prevention leadership meetings are taking place to support the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), LP Magazine, and the Loss Prevention Foundation. This event brings together loss prevention leadership from across the nation and beyond to discuss the most important accomplishments and challenges we’ve faced over the past year, what’s most important to address today, and the exciting opportunities that we can look forward to over the upcoming year.

The annual events once again boasted strong attendance, with loss prevention leadership and solution providers on hand to provide their advice, ideas, expertise, and feedback to review 2022 performance and present strategic agendas as we move forward into 2023.

“This is about getting together, to collaborate, to meet new people, to network, to problem solve, because many of the best in the best industry are in the room today,” said Terry Sullivan, LPC, president at The Loss Prevention Foundation.

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Lisa LaBruno

“To me, this experience feels different than it does at many of the larger industry conferences—a much more intimate, personal environment, which puts the ability to learn, network, and get to know each other on steroids,” said Lisa LaBruno, senior EVP of retail operations at the Retail Industry Leaders Association. “The camaraderie for me is so much more measurable in this environment. With this team, the camaraderie is ever present.”

LP Magazine

The LP Magazine Vendor Advisory Board and Editorial Board meetings reviewed the various improvements and accomplishments the magazine has made over the past year, opening a discussion about some of today’s most compelling trends and topics. An essential aspect of these meetings is to actively request input on previous content, potential topics, and how we can continue to improve our resources and our reach to bring the LP community the quality product that you have come to expect. Both board members and guests were asked to provide their thoughts and ideas on content, topics, delivery, and other important contributions to further enhance the information and quality provided to our readers. We also welcomed and encouraged input on exciting new ways that we can share the latest news and information with the loss prevention community, along with creative strategies to address the needs and interests of our readership as we march onward into 2023.

RILA’s Asset Protection Leaders Council

RILA’s Asset Protection Leaders Council hosted store visits and a recap meeting as well as a board meeting featuring industry-focused presentations, ongoing and upcoming initiatives, insights into many of the key issues faced by today’s loss prevention professionals, and other core topics that can help our industry move forward into the new year.

As a trade association representing leading retail companies in each retail vertical, RILA has served as the premier advocate for America’s most sophisticated retailers, providing a forum for executives to solve common problems and share leading practices.

The Loss Prevention Foundation

The Loss Prevention Foundation is taking its turn at center stage today. In addition to a board-only session, guests will be invited to attend the rest of the meeting regarding the progress of the LPF, the continuing growth of the certification programs, and exciting updates on the latest offerings from LPF.

The LPC and LPQ certifications are experiencing a record-setting trend in course participation and certified members, with companies across the country showing a strong and growing commitment to the certification process. Academic support for certification has also continued to expand. Additionally, there will be discussions regarding the latest industry-specific programs to be offered, with exceptional input from leading subject matter experts from across the industry.

The meeting also feature a tribute to two of the industry’s most prominent leaders—more to come later on that!

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Loss Prevention Foundation or the LPC and LPQ courses, please visit

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