LPRC’s Mission: To Improve LP Strategies and Interventions

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The Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC), along with the University of Florida’s Crime Prevention Research Team, share a common mission: to improve the ways in which LP supports retail organizations. To do so, the goal is to help retailers create better LP/AP strategies and interventions overall.

Read Hayes, Ph.D., CPP, discusses some of the latest LPRC efforts in the July-August 2016 issue of LP Magazine. Supply chain security, product protection that enhances the in-store experience, and employee deviance prevention are all under the microscope.

In-store trials are part of the research model, too. Many insights can be gathered from trying out a new technology or process in the field on a small scale. From the column:

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“We’re working with almost forty retail chains on these very issues by trialing very focused small-ball tactics in stores, distribution centers, and outside areas. New research indicates mixing different types of EAS together extends a system’s impact, further enhancing the “see, get, fear” effects of public view monitors and maintaining their viability. And certain signage improvements (targeted wording and symbols) are helping other deterrent measures, like EAS, CCTV, alarms, point protection items, and so forth, work better.”

Dr. Hayes also shares the ways in which retailers can leverage the LPRC’s “see, get, fear” deterrence model to control potential offenders. More specifically, the placement of contrasting elements in the surrounding environment helps ensure that the deterrence cue stands out against its background. Check out “Go Big or Go Home” to read the full column and learn more about upcoming LPRC events and attractions. You can also visit the Table of Contents for the July-August 2016 issue or register for a free subscription to the magazine.

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