Homeland Security Investigations’ National Lead Development Center Steps Forward in Fighting ORC | Ep. 70

Watch and listen to our conversation with Section Chief Allen Vanscoy to learn more.

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Homeland Security Investigations’ (HSI) National Lead Development Center (NLDC), located in Williston, Vermont, is responsible for producing high quality criminal referrals and case support for the various HSI field offices across the country. A one-stop location for fraud referrals, the NLDC is comprised of highly trained special agents, criminal analysts, and task force officers working hard to intake, evaluate, and build out investigative packets from leads received from a wide range of sources that include federal, state, and local law enforcement contacts; foreign law enforcement; and private sector businesses to include retail loss prevention professionals.

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Join us as we have a conversation with Allen Vanscoy, section chief for HSI’s National Lead Development Center to learn more about the center, ways that the NLDC can benefit our investigations, and how you can become more involved in working with HSI as part of this exciting new program. Watch the video here:

The NLDC is currently tracking and supporting numerous investigations into organized retail crime engaged in quick change schemes, return fraud, booster, and fence/online sales, as well as check/pre-paid card scams. They are currently fielding new and exciting tools and methods to support and build out these leads to actionable investigative referrals through increased backgrounding capabilities and verification methods.

The NLDC leverages these partnerships using cutting-edge technologies and superior research to identify individuals and organizations engaged in governmental and financial fraud with a special emphasis on optimizing criminal charges from a wide set of HSI specialties. This consolidated approach integrating technology, investigative techniques, and leveraging relationships results in consistent criminal organization dismantlement, seizures, and prosecutions.

The NLDC is uniquely situated to identify and conduct analysis on fraud patterns and trends through techniques such as heat mapping, data analytics, open-source analysis, and specialty software allowing HSI to take proactive steps to stem fraud.

The NLDC has initiated a robust field support program to augment intelligence capabilities. This support spans capabilities such as trained open-source analysis, facial recognition, identification and analysis certification, financial and asset identification, dark web capabilities, as well as access to historic fraud data.

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