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access control definition

What do you know about access control? Vague ideas about authorization, authentication, locks, and keys may come to mind. The truth is, identifying an appropriate access control definition depends on the industry you’re working in.

In a feature article for the July–August 2017 issue, LP Magazine Contributing Writer Dave DiSilva brings to light an access control definition that works for the retail loss prevention and asset protection community. It turns out that access control procedures and technology make up a fundamental part of asset protection strategy. From the article:

What does access control mean to you? How you respond to this may depend on the industry segment you are working in—distribution, e-commerce, telecommunications, manufacturing, banking, medical, mobile payments, and of course, retail.

A simple definition of access control is the methods used to ensure someone requesting access is authorized. While technology and jargon vary, effective access controls deter, detect, and identify noncompliance. This forms the foundation of what we as asset professionals do. Access control evolves with technology and risk, but if we can consistently identify noncompliant actions and actors, our programs are effective.

DiSilva goes on to share his past access control experiences and lessons learned through a series of whodunit cases, all of which serve to illustrate the importance of strong, effective access controls in the retail sector and beyond. To discover what happened to the lost camera, the CFO’s family photo, and the safe that was not so safe, check out “Access Control and the Case of the Missing Camera.”

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This post was originally published in 2017 and was updated September 19, 2017.

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