Access Control and the Case of the Missing Camera

Whodunit Stories from an LP Investigator’s Files

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Article Excerpt

When I first approached this writing assignment on access controls, I brainstormed the usual items on the topic. I realized quickly that a 3,000-word article on the nuances of keys and locks could hold readers’ attention for about the time it takes to core a lock. Instead of providing an…

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  • John R.

    Great article with lots of sound advice. It’s amazing that that store assistant manager was so brazen as to steal so much money in so little time and think he wouldn’t get caught. What’s even more amazing is that John didn’t pick up on it, and when the it was brought to his attention by the brand new Asset Protection team he chalked it up to the physical inventory process. That line of thinking is not atypical of a finance professional and is a great example of why any retail company needs a qualified AP team.


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