Why a Retail Theft Database Might Keep Your Staff Safe

retail theft database

Retail loss prevention professionals know that organized retail crime (ORC) is a threat not to be taken lightly. But statistics are showing aggressive offenders are on the rise. How are you keeping your store teams safe?

In an article for the December issue of LPM Online, Phil Thomson, CEO of Auror, explores why a lack of intelligence about the most dangerous offenders is one of the biggest obstacles faced by LP teams today.

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We have the technology to collect information on existing crimes, so why aren’t we combining it with other useful data points in a retail theft database designed to help LP teams predict and prevent ORC events? From the article:

Chances are your store teams are reporting crime at your stores already. But current crime reporting processes don’t enable this sort of prevention‐first mindset. It’s about reporting a crime to someone else, so they can do something about it.

These reports hold a wealth of intelligence that can be unpacked to help identify the patterns of offending, associated offenders, vehicles used in the commission of crimes, and more. So the value of crime reports isn’t always necessarily in their ability to solve an individual crime, but in their ability to connect the dots to help prevent and solve other related crimes as well. When combined with other data points in real time, these reports can uncover a myriad of actionable intelligence that the right people can use at the right time to prevent further offending.

Read more about what happens when retailers begin to use intel collection to accurately prevent crime in “Intelligence: The Most Important Tool in the Fight Against ORC” (sponsored by Auror). If you’ve missed any of our previous LPM Online editions, go to the Archives page at the end of the edition to see what you’ve missed. Be sure to be an LPM digital subscriber so you are the first to know when new issues are available. If you haven’t already, sign up on the SUBSCRIBE NOW link. (Note: if you’re already subscribed, the previous link will take you to the current issue of the print magazine.)

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