Thruvision Advances Partnership with the LPF

The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) announced that Thruvision is continuing its support of the LPF by advancing its partnership from a bachelor-level partner to a doctorate-level partner. The doctorate-level partnership secures LPQ and LPC certification course scholarships and complimentary LPF memberships for Thruvision to distribute to loss prevention industry professionals.

Terry Sullivan
Terry Sullivan

“We are very excited to announce this decision from Thruvision to become a doctorate-level partner and continue their support of the Loss Prevention Foundation,” said Terry Sullivan, LPC, president of the LPF. “This commitment demonstrates their dedication to continued education for industry professionals. LPF partners, like Thruvision, who believe in and invest in our mission, are what make it possible for us to advance our LPQualified (LPQ) and LPCertified (LPC) certification initiatives, and we are excited to continue partnering with them at this advanced level.”

Thruvision, headquartered in the United Kingdom and Metro Washington DC, is a safe distance, people security screening technology that uses patented “Passive Terahertz Technology.” Thruvision Advanced People-Screening Technology is capable of enabling retailers and distributors to significantly reduce inventory shrink from theft in distribution centers by detecting all types of products, metallic and non-metallic. Thruvision has been vetted and approved by the US Government’s Transportation Security Administration for surface transportation, and Thruvision cameras are used to screen many thousands of retail distribution center workers every day.  

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“Renewing our commitment in the relationship with LPF is one of the most important steps Thruvision can take to stay connected with the most influential thought leaders in the retail loss prevention industry,” said Kevin Gramer, senior vice president of Americas at Thruvision. “Technology advancements in retail supply chain loss prevention are accelerating more than ever, and there is no other organization more committed to education in this industry than LPF.”

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