The Walgreen’s Asset Protection Team Urges All of Us to Support Red Nose Day 2019

Annual charity event culminates with a celebration on March 23rd

Generosity is a gift that benefits everyone and something that we all have the ability to share with others. Every individual has a vested interest in the well-being of the community and a responsibility to stay informed, make positive contributions, and to offer assistance to those who need our help.

But sometimes the simplest gestures can make the biggest difference. That message is one that the asset protection team at Walgreen’s wants to share with the entire loss prevention/asset protection community.

The ability to influence change is a product of drive, creativity, and determination; but it also requires a unique ability to create a shared vision that others will understand, respect, support, and pursue. These are the qualities that separate us from others, and something that all of us across the loss prevention community should search for in ourselves and celebrate when we see it in others. Is there any better cause than helping children in need?

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Want to make a real difference? It really doesn’t take that much to get involved—just buy a red nose. Dig way down deep in your pockets, pull out two bucks, and buy a red nose. That’s all it takes to get things started.

Red Nose Day is a campaign with the mission to end child poverty by funding programs that keep children safe, healthy, and educated. Through the power of entertainment, the mission is to bring people together to laugh and have fun, all while raising life-changing cash for the children that need it the most. Simply by purchasing bracelets, pins, pens, making cash donations—or buying a red nose at a local Walgreens location, we all have a real opportunity to make a difference.

“By using humor and positivity to promote positive change, the Red Nose Campaign is making a real difference in our local communities and across the globe,” says Emily Mekstan, senior manager of retail and owned brand communications at Walgreens. “Since debuting in 2015, the Red Nose Day campaign has raised nearly $150 million and has positively impacted over 16 million children in America, and around the world.”

All proceeds from the sale of Red Nose merchandise goes directly to the fund, which is used to provide food, clean water, shelter, vaccines and healthcare, education, and much more for children locally and abroad. Members of the Walgreens asset protection team across the country are holding fundraisers, posting fun videos, and generously offering their time, talents, and resources to support this worthwhile program.

This year, Red Nose Day will be celebrated on Thursday, May 23rd. To learn more, visit the Red Nose Day website.

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