The Importance of Branding with T-Mobile’s Jennifer Schaefer | Ep. 65

In this episode of LPM’s 2Cents on 2Things podcast, Kevin McMenimen speaks with Jennifer Schaefer, Field Asset Protection Manager at T-Mobile. Schaefer talks about T-Mobile’s international ambassador program and the importance of branding, and how a search for mindfulness led to the creation of her small business.

Jennifer Schaefer
Jennifer Schaefer

For the charity portion of the podcast, Schaefer talks about the ways in which she gives back through her small business, and the Ronald McDonald House, which helps children who need to be at a hospital for long periods of time be close to their families. You can donate to the cause at

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Schaefer ends the podcast by sharing two things most people don’t know about her.

Listen to the podcast in the player above or download it from your favorite podcast platform. You may also watch the video version of the podcast below.


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