The Holiday Season: A Few Less Celebrated Days You Should Consider

This is the holiday season. When someone mentions that to you, do you think of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, or New Year’s? I think those are the most observed and celebrated holidays in the US. These are spiritual days filled with big meals, lots of shopping, drinking, and time with family and friends.

For retailers and asset protection professionals, it is an important, busy, and often difficult time. For all these days, I say “happy” and “merry.” But they are not the only days some of us celebrate. There are others. In fact, just about every day has something that is celebrated. Here are just a few you may not have remembered.

How about Hugging Day. Now here is a day that deserves some attention. Hugs make us feel happy and reduce stress. Hugs can be a form of respect and care for the other person. Hugs improve our game. A study was conducted that determined that teams who hug more win more. This is a great holiday. I have observed that AP folks hug a lot. When they see each other and when they say goodbye. In my opinion there is a special bond between those who work in AP. How nice is that?

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How about Red Apple Day. Yes, there is a special day for the red apple. Name a fruit that gets as much press as the apple. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I average an apple a day. Dating back to when as a kid, I would go next door and eat them off the neighbor’s tree. I don’t know about that doctor thing as I suffer from diabetes. Maybe it is the coconut cake, and the apple is doing all it can. Ask around how many people have an apple a day. Overrated? Perhaps.

How about National Humbug Day. This is a day that allows us to express our frustrations or displeasure of another. Ebenezer Scrooge, the character created by Charles Dickens, gets a lot of credit for the word “humbug”. Curiosity caused me to check the definition. A humbug is a person who behaves in a deceptive or dishonest way. Fits right in with the busy holiday season that AP people confront, doesn’t it?

How about Compliment Day. This should be an everyday occurrence, don’t you think? We should not have to go out of our way to give a compliment to someone else. It makes anyone feel good when someone says something nice to you. I had a boss in retail who made me promise I would observe the “three-one rule” in managing people. That is three pats on the back to every one kick in the rear. So a big thank you and hugs to all of you who support the magazine. We could not do this without you. Our compliments for being there for the industry.

How about Roots Day. Are you interested in your ancestry? If you have a famous forefather—or even an infamous one—you likely are a student of your family tree. I find it fascinating. My family has passed down root stories for generations. I can trace my family tree back to 1786 or 233 years. The stories about some of the characters are special. Lots of information is online these days to help with these family studies. Here’s an idea: trace your AP ancestry—who you have worked for and who they have worked for and so on. If you can go back far enough, you might find a handful of people and only three or four companies that spawned this industry.

Well, those are just a few other special days to observe. Whoops; not done yet. I did not mention my favorite day.

How about Veterans Day. Likely should have put this in with Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This is always a very emotional day for me as I come from a somewhat military-oriented family. My brother, father, uncles, aunt, and grandfathers all served in the military. My brother and stepfather served in Vietnam during 1968–69. The war was very hot during that time. By the grace of God, both returned safely. We do a great job of remembering and honoring our Veterans today. I wished we had done so well for the returning soldiers from Vietnam. We are fortunate in AP to have so many veterans. Always a good time to say, “Thank you for your service.”

Now, there you have it—the holiday season. A time for celebration and remembering. Happy Hanukkah, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. Here’s wishing you a great and safe selling season to all retailers and asset protection professionals.

And to all, a goodnight!

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