The Future of Loss Prevention Technology Is the Theme for Two Feature Articles in the January-February Issue

For the last two to three decades, video has been a critical tool in guarding shoppers, associates, and assets in retail stores. With the advance of digital IP camera technology, bandwidth, and compression technology to support the creation of central, remote monitoring hubs, increased computer power to enable smart video analytics, and the ever-improving image and pattern recognition technology, video in the retail industry is changing shape significantly…or is it?

In their cover story in the January-February 2016 issue titled “The State of Video: Where We Are Today, Where We Are Headed, and How We Get There,” Rob Borsch and Colin Peacock share the findings and learnings from a recent video benchmark survey and outline three steps all loss prevention leaders could take to shape a future strategy for video for their entire enterprises as well as offer some thoughts on how loss prevention leaders themselves may need to change, so as to effectively lead their organizations’ transformation efforts.

Also in this issue, long-time loss prevention industry technology expert Jumbi Edulbehram looks at the current challenges facing retailers and some of the new loss prevention technology advances that are benefiting the entire retail enterprise. His article is entitled “The Top Challenges Retailers Face and the Retail Technologies that Deliver Solutions.”

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Other feature articles include a look at Walmart’s Neighborhood Market grocery business with Senior Director of Asset Protection Gary Smith and Bruce Tulgan’s most recent research into managing young people in retail entitled “The Soft Skills Gap and Generation Z: Teaching the Missing Basics to Today’s Young Talent.”

The contents of the print magazine are available online here as well as in a PDF version via the Print Archive on the magazine tab.

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