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How eBay Works with Law Enforcement

With the beginning of a new year, I thought it appropriate to provide some basic information for how retailers and law enforcement should interface...
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eBay’s PROACT Team Partners with FBI and PD to Stop Sports Memorabilia Fraud Ring

eBay partnered with the FBI and local police to break up a two-million dollar sports memorabilia fraud ring. Five Ohio residents have plead guilty...

Reorganizing the Retail Loss Prevention and Asset Protection Teams at Staples

Dan Provost, LPC, is vice president of global loss prevention for Staples. His retail career began more than 25 years ago as a store...

Red, White, and Blue: A Manufacturing and Loss Prevention Department Revolution

This article from 2012 examines the development of American Apparel’s unique asset protection and loss prevention department.  No company quite like American Apparel exists in...
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Saks Fifth Avenue Asset Protection: The Evolution of Rosamaria Sostilio

In 2014, Rosamaria Sostilio was named senior vice president of asset protection for Hudson's Bay Company after 25 years in various loss prevention roles...

eBay’s PROACT Team Assists DA’s Office in Employee Arrest

In an surprise turn-of-events, an employee of Coatesville, PA, based Witmer Public Safety Group who was being investigated for watching porn on his computer...
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Good Sensors Lead to Good Data

They're out there, and they're headed our way. In the last column, I discussed how we need to improve our data to improve our...
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eBay’s GAP Team Helps Arrest Vehicle Purchase Fraud Suspects

eBay's Global Asset Protection (GAP) team recently worked with law enforcement in Romania to investigate a vehicle purchase protection (VPP) fraud case. The criminals...
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Price Chopper’s Asset Protection Uncovers $435,000 Credit Card Fraud Scheme

A citizen of Guyana has admitted to her role in a wide-ranging scheme to use counterfeit credit cards at stores throughout the Northeast, including...
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Larry Carroll named Vice President of Asset Protection at 99 Cents Only Stores

Commerce California-based 99 Cents Only Stores announced the appointment of Larry Carroll to the role of Vice President of Asset Protection. Larry is leading the...

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