eBay’s GAP Team Helps Arrest Vehicle Purchase Fraud Suspects

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eBay’s Global Asset Protection (GAP) team recently worked with law enforcement in Romania to investigate a vehicle purchase protection (VPP) fraud case. The criminals reportedly posted fake ads for vehicles, sent fabricated eBay invoices to victims, and used Polish bank accounts to transfer stolen funds online. Romanian authorities arrested 41 suspects in connection with the fraud case on Thursday, November 5. During their collection of evidence, police recovered two bank tokens, 10 credit cards linked to Polish bank accounts, 24 computers, 25 memory cards, and more. Total loss to the victims thus far is about €500,000.

GAP’s Global Technical Investigations team assisted the law enforcement partners throughout the investigation. To learn more about eBay’s Global Asset Protection team, visit pages.ebay.com/securitycenter/lawenforcementcenter.html.

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