Role Reversal? The LP Fusion Center Offers Some Unique Opportunities.

CLEAR/FLEPRU event to be held November 16-18 in Orlando.

Events like the upcoming Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail (CLEAR) conference in partnership with Florida Law Enforcement Property Recovery Unit (FLEPRU), which will be held in Orlando, Florida November 16-18, 2021 is an opportunity to celebrate the powerful work being done by law enforcement agencies, national retail chains and solution providers to overcome the significant challenges faced as a result of organized retail crime. The conference will feature law enforcement and retail loss prevention leadership available to provide sessions sharing their advice, ideas, expertise, and feedback on the most pressing issues faced in 2021 while looking forward as we move into 2022.

“This conference is about providing new resources and information to position corporations and police agencies to tackle critical objectives around retail crime on a national level,” said CLEAR President Ben Dugan. “It’s about the public and private sectors moving forward together.”

Prevention, protection, response, and recovery efforts depend on the ability of all parties involved, both public and private, to effectively collect, analyze, use, and share crime-related information and intelligence. And the foundation of all of this is built on relationships. Strong relationships forge the bonds of trust and collaboration necessary to maximize our success.

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Fusion Centers bring critical context and value to these efforts, providing a unique opportunity for retailers and law enforcement to build and strengthen these partnerships. As part of the conference, retailers interested in enhancing relationships with law enforcement partners are encouraged to participate in the Fusion Center. Similar to the Fusion Centers that most of us are familiar with at the national loss prevention conferences, the roles are simply reversed with retailers setting up a designated space as part of the CLEAR/FLEPRU event.

“The Fusion Center provide a unique opportunity for law enforcement to learn more about the retail loss prevention teams and how they operate,” says Sergeant Rich Rossman with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. “This is a unique opportunity for law enforcement officers to learn and better understand how their loss prevention partners operate while networking and building essential partnerships with the loss prevention community.”

While important networking opportunities are available throughout the event, the format of the Fusion Center encourages focused discussions. “Many of these discussions have led directly to significant case development and lasting partnerships,” say Rossman. “There are just so many law enforcement agencies that leave the conference with a new perspective on these relationships as a result of the contacts made at the Fusion Center. They learn more about how these teams build cases and approach the process. They discuss hurdles and how these groups can impact a retail operation. They walk away with more than they expected, and wanting to build on that knowledge. Everyone benefits.”

For those that have an interest in participating, the opportunity is still available. “We would love to have as many retailers as possible participate, and we are willing to work with you to accommodate your team,” says Rossman. “Everyone that’s been involved in the past has shared a positive experience, and there are many participants that say they have built lasting partnerships that started as a result of the Fusion Center.”

For those interested in participating and/or learning more about the upcoming event in Orlando, Florida from November 16-18, 2021, you can reach out to Sergeant Rich Rossman directly at, or by visiting the Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail (CLEAR) or Florida Law Enforcement Property Recovery Unit (FLEPRU) websites.

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