Resiliency Standing Front and Center

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Jacque Brittain
Jac Brittain

As we dive deeper into 2022, all of us are looking for ways to shed the burdens that have held us captive over the past two years and return to routines and responsibilities that have defined the things we do and how we go about doing them. History has shown that our greatest attribute in the face of our darkest times is resiliency. We adjust and find ways to bounce back. These are often the times of greatest invention, spawning new innovations that drive accomplishment in the face of adversity. Sometimes it’s a new product or tool that helps us adjust and move forward. Sometimes it’s a concept or idea that helps us grow and evolve. But for all of us, it has to be an attitude.

Stepping Up

It’s the time of year when companies are rolling out new programs, reinforcing what is working, implementing new concepts when needed, and searching for the latest trends that push performance to the next level. Especially considering all that has changed—new roles, responsibilities, tasks, and asks—it’s also a time to step up and show what you’re made of. Retail is changing. Customers have new habits and expectations. Companies have made significant modifications to adjust to those needs. Employees are facing new challenges and occasionally new frustrations. Most likely, each of you has plenty of opportunities and adventures to deal with as well. But leaders find a way. We build on our successes and grow from our missteps.

The best leaders I’ve ever known have had a passion for professional development, whether that was self-improvement or the development of their team. They realize the burden that comes with being stagnant and reach for opportunities to grow and change. They understand that learning comes in many ways. We learn through formal educational programs, through webinars and presentations, through experiences, and from each other. And every way we learn is important. We’re never too good, too smart, too experienced, or “too busy” to learn. Now is a great time to make that commitment and support others in the process.

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Stepping Out

Spring also finds us in the middle of conference season once again, with many associations holding their first in-person conferences since before the pandemic. The energy and enthusiasm we’ve seen thus far has been infectious, with strong topics, great presentations, and fervent participation from the audiences, with only more of the same expected for the upcoming events.

Networking is also at a premium, with new leaders and familiar faces peppering event gatherings. For those fortunate enough to have the opportunity, we look forward to seeing you soon. For those of you that may miss the chance to attend, look for our coverage of the events across the magazine’s digital channels. We will be attending more events this year than we ever have and will do everything we can to keep you informed and engaged.

Coming Together

As most of you know by now, LP Magazine was recently acquired by the Loss Prevention Foundation, uniting two of our industry’s strongest brands for the betterment of the industry. All of us remain committed to the advancement of the education of our industry through our media outlets as well as certification and exceptional educational courses. This union only further enhances the ongoing relationship that both teams have shared for many years.

While we will continue to operate the business units separately, the teams have always shared great synergies and will leverage the reach of both brands to further the knowledge and progression of the loss prevention and asset protection community. We are excited to report that there are great things in the works, and more will soon follow.

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