Positive Cargo Theft News Does Not Mean Mission Accomplished

cargo theft news

Cargo theft data from 2017 is surprisingly positive. According to reliable sources like CargoNet and SensiGuard’s Supply Chain Intelligence Center (SCIC), last year was one of the safest years on record. But does such encouraging cargo theft news mean that our work here as security professionals is done?

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Of course not, say industry experts in a feature article for the latest edition of LPM Online. In the article, Contributing Writer Garett Seivold investigates the evolving threat environment when it comes to cargo theft today. He reads between the lines to see what the data in the latest cargo theft news reports might truly be telling us:

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As a percentage of in‑transit thefts compiled by the SCIC, there was a significant drop in fictitious pickups, in which thieves pose as legitimate carriers to steal loads from shippers and retailers. But the encouraging numbers could be misleading, suggests the SCIC report. The decline may reflect that the reporting of this type of theft has shifted from incident‑theft reporting to identity‑victim reporting, for example. The typical delay between initial reporting of an incident and identifying the type of crime at its root may also be obscuring the true extent of fictitious pickup thefts, according to the report.

The article looks closely at changing trends and shares expert opinions on what retailers might need to look for in days ahead. Read “Troubles in Transit?” to learn more.

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