Newly Certified LP Professionals: February 2023

We are pleased to recognize and congratulate those industry professionals who recently obtained their loss prevention certification. Despite their demanding schedule and having other impressive educational credentials, they still saw the value and took the time to obtain this important LP credential.

February LPC Recipients

Cathy Campbell, LPC, LPQ, Specialist, Retail Business Services, an Ahold-Delhaize Company

Kevin Crittenden, LPC, Loss Prevention Manager, Amazon

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John Cudal, CFI, LPC, AAPM, Big Lots Stores

Lauren Duggan, LPC, Loss Prevention Site Lead, Amazon

Colin Fieck, LPC, Loss Prevention Multi-Site Lead, Amazon

Nancy Fontanes, LPC, Loss Prevention Manager, Rite Aid

Gregory Jackson, LPC, Assets Protection Business Partner, Target

Daniel Jackson, LPC, Zone Director of Loss Prevention, Family Dollar

Jerome Jones, LPC, Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Amazon

Jen Kajzer, LPC, Senior Asset Protection Director, Target

Daniel Lewis, LPC, Loss Prevention Manager II, Amazon

Nick Mergel, LPC, Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Amazon

Kirk Rixner, LPC, Asset Protection Specialist, Home Depot

Xavier Ruiz, LPC, Regional Asset Protection Manager, Family Dollar

Kimberly Shelley, LPC, LPQ, Regional Safety Manager, Harris Teeter Supermarkets

Mona Wallace, LPC, Loss Prevention Specialist, Amazon


February LPQ Recipients

Candace Berdecia, LPQ, Data Analyst, Amazon

Jose Botello, LPQ, LP Detective, TJX

Levi Caley, LPQ, Asset Protection Team Leader, Meijer

Shawn Culleton, LPQ, Loss Prevention Lead, Dick’s Sporting Goods

Trevor Drury, LPQ, Customer Success Specialist, ALTO

Jonathan Hickey, LPQ, Asset Protection Specialist, Home Depot

Roy Howell, LPQ, Loss Prevention Detective, TJ Maxx

Rose Lied, LPQ, District Manager of Loss Prevention, Dick’s Sporting Goods

Jaspreet Mann, LPQ, Loss Prevention Manager, Sobeys

Monika Mulholland, LPQ, Loss Prevention and Business Risk Specialist, Burger King

Isaac Ramirez, LPQ, Customer Success Specialist, ALTO

Simon Rebello, LPQ, Loss Prevention Detective, TJX

Cameron Sager, LPQ, Customer Success Specialist, ALTO

David Schnathorst, LPQ, Customer Success Specialist, ALTO

Kelly Stancill, LPQ, Loss Prevention Detective, TJX

Loss prevention certification is an investment that we make in ourselves. It is not simply a commitment to higher learning, but also a dedication to reach a higher standard. Each of these individuals is helping to raise the bar for the profession and has earned both their designation and respect of the loss prevention community.


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