Never Be Fearful to Act Promptly and Decisively on Reasoned, Calculated Decisions

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Jim Lee

General George S. Patton, Jr. said, You have to be single minded, drive only for the one purpose you have decided on, and if you think you are getting there, bear in mind that there will be people hanging around doing their damnedest to trip you, blacken you, and break your spirit.

When we started this publication 15 years ago, we had a single purpose with a clear focus and mission on what we wanted to accomplish. We have enjoyed overwhelming support from loss prevention professionals, associations, vendors, academics, and C-level executives. We could not have sustained without them, and we are constantly singing their praises and giving them thanks.

Since our first edition in 2001, we have striven to make each issue better than before. When you think you have a good thing, you can be reluctant to change. You know the old clichif it aint broke, dont fix it. Thats baloney! As we migrate to more and more of a digital publication, we are not shaken by fear of change, fear of failure, or fear of rejection.

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