Maurizio Scrofani Changed His Mind about Wall Street

Maurizio Scrofani

Maurizio Scrofani, CCSP, LPC, is a seasoned leader in the supply chain asset protection space. During his more than 25 years of experience in retail and manufacturing, Scrofani held leadership roles with organizations like Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and Toys”R”Us. He also cofounded CargoNet, a national database and information-sharing system designed to prevent cargo theft and increase recoveries.

As a frequent conference speaker and contributor to LP Magazine, Scrofani is no stranger to sharing his industry philosophy. So when the magazine asked him to serve as the subject of a recent feature interview in the January-February 2019 issue of the magazine, he readily agreed.

In the interview, Executive Editor James Lee, LPC, speaks with Scrofani about his career evolution and professional development over the years. Scrofani divulges how, as an economics and finance major in college, he had plans to work on Wall Street. But his interest in finance gradually grew into a fascination with the world of loss prevention — and an eventual career shift. As he tells it:

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It was a gradual transition for me. The funny thing about finance is you live in the detail of the numbers. When you think about all your accounting classes, you’re looking at your balance sheet and how things move to credit or debit and why. It technically was the same thing for me—you’re in the detail, and you’re following a very methodical path.

The more I got into LP, the more I learned about shrink, audit, inventory control, and shortage control. That really moved me into the paper part of the trade: how something can happen that’s not people-based. For example, for me it was being in a store where business was slow. It made me think, how can you have a high shrink number? Someone must be really hurting you, but you barely have any employees working on specific days. So you start looking at the paper. Then you realize that it may be a problem with respect to how the inventory control department is manifesting deliveries to the store. That sort of illustrates how my interest in finance manifested itself into loss prevention.

Maurizio Scrofani isn’t reluctant to share his views on today’s supply chain challenges, either. Read the full interview, “The Evolution of LP to Supply Chain Omni-channel Experts,” to learn more.

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