LPM Insider Survey Results: Solving Retail Crime Through Social Media

In last week’s LPM Insider survey, we discussed the Rite Aid asset protection team’s new investigation tool that unites the latest in loss prevention technology with the power of social media and the insatiable interest so many of us have in criminal behavior and solving crime. By empowering the public with the appropriate information and the resources to report what they know we can work together to help solve many of the crimes that plague our stores and our communities.

The original article, “The Rite Aid Asset Protection Team Reveals Details about Its New (and Valuable!) Investigation Tool” can be viewed here.

Survey Results

All of our survey participants believe that leveraging the power of the public and social media to help solve—and deter—retail crime is a good approach to dealing with these loss prevention issues, with 68 percent strongly believing that this is a worthwhile approach to dealing with these issues. Those who agree accounted for 26 percent of the responses, and the remaining 6 percent somewhat agree.

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Here is a sampling of your comments:

“I think that most of us are looking for new and creative ways to address these issues, and using the power of social media is a good way to address what we’re dealing with and using the power of the people to make it happen.”

“I think social media can be a great tool if used wisely. However, we also must be careful that we don’t encourage any “vigilante” or over-zealous individuals that might take things into their own hands and don’t have the training or skills to correctly or safely deal with the problems or individuals carrying out these crimes.”

“Social media plays a large part in people’s daily lives and is a good way to help solve these problems.”

“So long as it’s an open-and-shut case, I feel using social media is a great tool for both solve and deter theft.”

“It only works if it’s managed correctly. We have to be careful what we say, how we say it, and how the message is received by the public.”

“Let’s make the most of the power of the masses!”

“Social Media is the only media source that a large portion of the public uses. Even broadcast media is more likely to be viewed via a social media platform. Besides – with social media we can control the message.”

Do you have any additional thoughts? Let us know what’s on your mind.


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