LPM Magpie Awards: Shane Sturman, Excellence in Partnerships

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Shane Sturman, CPP, CFI, President, Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates

“Successful business relationships are built on mutual respect and developed over time. It takes effort from both parties to maintain them,” said Sturman. “I think good, long-lasting business partnerships are built on trust and fairness. As in any relationship, trust is earned—and if you lose it, you’ll likely never get it back.”

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Like many of us, Shane started his loss prevention career by accident. He saw an ad for part-time shoplifting detective, “which sounded like fun.” He was quickly promoted, and after managing several stores, he was promoted to a district investigator position. It was then he attended a W-Z seminar on interview and interrogation techniques. “I found the techniques I learned helped me become not only a very successful interviewer but also a better communicator, negotiator, and salesperson,” he said. “With my newfound skills of persuasion, it was much easier to sell programs and get management buy-in.”

Following various positions and increasing levels of responsibility, he became director of loss prevention at Price Savers Membership Warehouse. When the company was sold, Sturman received a call that would change his career forever. “As I was contemplating what my next move would be, I received a call from Doug Wicklander. He conned me into moving to Chicago from California—in February—to join Wicklander-Zulawski. I look back on that decision now, and aside from the temperature change, it’s the best move I’ve made in my career.”

For those working their way up the career ladder, Sturman offered some fundamental and important career advice. “Start planning your future by looking at educational opportunities that will help you achieve your goals,” he said. “Build business relationships by attending as many networking events as you can. You’ll meet others with similar interests, and those relationships will develop naturally, establishing the foundation for growth.”

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