LPM Magpie Awards: Read Hayes, Excellence in Partnerships

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Read Hayes, PhD, Director, Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC)

“I really believe LP exists to enable rapidly evolving retail enterprises,” said Hayes. “Great merchandise and customer experience won’t happen if customers can’t purchase what they came for because it’s been lost or stolen. And they won’t allow their loved ones to visit your stores if they view a store as unsafe. Only LP can successfully tackle those key issues.”

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Early in his career, Hayes had a diverse background in loss prevention, law enforcement, and military service that he believes helped prepare him for what he does today, but it was his passion for research that brought him full circle. After college graduation he attended graduate school at Leicester University (UK) and worked with Dr. Hollinger and Dr. Weitz at the University of Florida. This, along with early research efforts working with TJX’s Bob MacLea and King Rogers at Target, helped lead to his current role as a research scientist and criminologist and director of the LPRC, which has conducted over 300 asset protection and loss prevention projects and includes over 165 corporations, several research and development labs, various events, and multiple problem-solving working groups.

“When it comes to the important work of the LPRC, we must start by thinking out meaningful objectives while supporting strategy and action,” he said. “But to achieve all that we hope to accomplish, we need more than retailers and innovative LP leaders. We also need critical solution partners, our retail associations, law enforcement agencies, logistics companies, faculty, tech innovation thinkers, and others to join together to build and execute layered and lasting plans.”

Hayes also offered advice for building a meaningful career. “Always work to improve your capabilities and impact, build relationships, and perform,” he said. “But never make it all about you—never. Good people doing good things tend to get recognized and promoted, but almost never overnight. Be patient.”

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