LPM Magpie Awards: Millie Kresevich, Excellence in Leadership

The LPM “Magpie” Awards offer a means to celebrate industry accomplishments on an ongoing basis, recognizing the loss prevention professionals, teams, solution providers, law enforcement partners, and others that demonstrate a stellar contribution to the profession. Nominate your peers at Excellence[at]LPportal.com

Millie Kresevich, Director of Asset Protection, Luxottica

“To be a true leader in loss prevention, you must stay true to your core values, be flexible, be adaptable, have compassion, and always strive to make things better,” said Kresevich. “People will follow you if they believe in you and the cause—whatever the cause may be. Building strong, trusting relationships is at the root of any success.”

Beyond her responsibilities as director of asset protection with Luxottica, Kresevich also serves on the LP council for the National Retail Federation (NRF), the advisory board for the Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail (CLEAR), and works closely with the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) on various initiatives. She contributed to the development of the Loss Prevention Foundation certification programs and has been a speaker on loss prevention topics both nationally and internationally.

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“I must say I’m most proud of my involvement with the Content Writing Committee for the Loss Prevention Foundation and serving on the Legislative Committee/LP Council for the National Retail Federation,” she said. “Both affect positive change in the AP industry, and I’m very honored to be part of that.”

For those working their way up the career ladder, Kresevich feels that it’s important to find positive role models. “I attribute much of my success to great role models and leaders I was fortunate enough to work for and emulate.”

She also shared this advice:

  • In business, not everything is black and while. Being able to see the grey will always be a tremendous help.
  • Read the tea leaves. Timing is everything, and you must align your initiatives with the goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Being self-motivated goes a long way. Keep the fire burning and always feel like you can change the world.
  • Get involved and affect positive change. The industry needs leaders who want to make a difference.

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