LP and Corporate Security at Dunkin’ Brands: What Actually Happens

Dunkin’ Brands is the holding company for two US fast-food chain restaurants: Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins. Although these brands originated in the mid-20th century on opposite sides of the United States (Dunkin’ Donuts in Massachusetts and Baskin-Robbins in California), they are still enjoyed today by people all over the country.

David Johnston currently serves as the senior director of loss prevention and corporate security for Dunkin’ Brands. His responsibilities include leading the LP team in fraud mitigation, supporting the brands’ thousands of franchises, and managing corporate safety and security for nearly 1,100 employees.

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In a feature article in the July-August 2017 issue of LP Magazine, Executive Editor Jim Lee talked with Johnston about his career history and the inner workings of the LP side of Dunkin’ Brands. From the article:

 As a franchisor, we do not direct, develop specific programs, or require certain measures of our franchisees. We recommend practices and common elements of an LP program, but specifically developing a program is up to each independent franchisee. That doesn’t mean the LP team doesn’t engage with our franchisees, because we certainly do. We just engage more from a consultative and business approach.

Our core initiatives are focused on educating the independent franchise business owners on the importance of incorporating the concepts of loss prevention into their businesses. We educate them on understanding how losses affect sales, unit economics, and overall profitability. We show them systems, reports, and metrics that we think can help them better understand their businesses, and they then are positioned to take their own actions to reduce loss.

Read more about the support services used by Johnston’s team when it comes to corporate travel safety and how the company measures leadership effectiveness by checking out the full article, “From Retail LP to Solution Provider to Restaurant Brand Protection.”

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