Loss Prevention Foundation Holds Fall Meeting

On November 4, 2021, many in the industry gathered to celebrate 15 years of the Loss Prevention Foundation at the annual Fall Board of Directors meeting. Hosted in Mooresville, NC, LPF Board Members, solution provider partners, and special guests joined the LPF to review achievements of the past year and to get a snapshot of what the LPF has in store for the future.

“It was great to get together with so many of our colleagues to celebrate 15 years of the Loss Prevention Foundation,” commented Terry Sullivan, LPC, president of the LPF. “With so much happening with the LPF and in the loss prevention industry, we felt it was the right choice for us to all get together in person to share information and thoughts.

Although some were still unable to attend due to travel restrictions, we had a great turnout and hopefully, next year we will have a full house at the meeting.”

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The team at the LPF has been busy this past year. Working alongside Board Members, the LPF Advisory Council, and volunteers, the LPCertified Course was fully revised, updated, and released; record breaking numbers of LP/AP professionals were certified; the LPQualified Course content was updated and will be released in early 2022; numerous webinars were held with LPF partners; and the list could go on.

Keep an eye out next year for the release of the revised and updated LPQ course and Spanish translations of both the LPC and LPQ courses. Two new certificate courses will be added in 2022, as well: Distribution/Supply Chain and Active Shooter/Active Threat. The LPF will continue its work with major universities, including the University of Cincinnati and the University of South Carolina, offering the LPQ as an instructor led course and hosting Learning Days. And finally, the LPF is looking forward to hosting its Swing for Certification Golf Tournament, in conjunction with the NRF Conference, in June of 2022.

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