A Look Inside Hibbett Sports Loss Prevention

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Scott Myers currently serves as the vice president of asset protection of Hibbett Sports. In a recent interview for the November—December 2017 issue of LP Magazine, Executive Editor Jim Lee, LPC, spoke with Myers about his 22-year history with the company and the unique world of Hibbett Sports loss prevention and asset protection.

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During the interview, Myers shared his experiences with managing responsibilities that reach far beyond loss prevention. Seventeen years with the human resources department, for example, taught him a thing or two about hiring and managing people. From the article:

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“I was given the human resources department in 2000 because I was heavily involved in the hiring process. Controlling shrink starts with the hiring process. Actually, we didn’t really have an HR department; what we had was a benefits department that we needed to turn it into a true HR department. The first person that I promoted as director of HR was one of our regional loss prevention managers Harvey Knighten. I went to him and said, “You may think I’m crazy, but now that I’ve got HR, I’m going to need a director of HR. Would you be interested?” At that point in time, neither one of us were what I would call experts in HR, but we held each other’s hand and learned it together, and he is still with us today as our vice president of HR.

So after I was given that responsibility in 2000, I held onto it for the next seventeen years until very recently when we split the HR department off. I really enjoyed the HR world. There are a lot of similarities to me between it and LP. They’re departments of ethics and integrity. They’re departments that operate off of structure, whether it be regulations, laws, or company policies. They are departments that can make tough decisions on fact versus emotions. I really enjoyed those seventeen years. I found working on the HR side of the business very rewarding.”

Check out the full article, “Collecting Shrinkage Goals and Sport Memorabilia,” to discover the metrics and methods of success for the AP team at Hibbett Sports. You can also read the other articles in the November—December 2017 issue of LP Magazine by going to the Table of Contents. Not yet subscribed? No problem – register here for free.

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