It Takes All Kinds of Minds

The past few years have provided us with a massive wave of challenges and opportunities as we’ve navigated through a storm of changes. Even beyond the impact of a worldwide pandemic, the way that we shop, the products we buy, and the way that we pay for goods and services has transformed in ways that we never would have anticipated just a few short years ago. Yet this is merely a glimpse of what lies ahead. Whether the product of new ideas or the acceleration of plans already in motion, retail is evolving quickly.

Jacque Brittain
Jac Brittain

This isn’t simply the result of new products and services, or even the innovations and technologies that are moving us forward. It’s driven by every aspect of society. How we lead, plan, manage, and execute is impacted by the needs and expectations of the retail consumer. And as the gap broadens between where we were and where we’re going, our role will likely continue to evolve as well. As retail continues to forge ahead, the roles and responsibilities of loss prevention will evolve to meet the needs of the business.

None of this should come as a life-altering revelation. Whether we’ve seen the changes coming or have been blindsided by the latest trend or life development, we’ve come to accept the need for consistent growth and adaptability. It’s important that we make decisions that are fluent and flexible. Our approach should include living strategies that can be modified as necessary and don’t become obsolete as the evolution continues. We understand that we can no longer rely on “the way it’s always been done” to successfully achieve our objectives.

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As we move forward, embracing change remains one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. But there’s something more. It’s people—our teams and all those we support—that matter most. Today, it takes all kinds of minds to bring it all together.

Diversity of Thought

Today more than ever, we need leadership that embraces the true power of diversity. Diversity must be much more than something we see, something beyond the many outward differences we share as individuals. What we need most is diversity of thought—those with different ideas and interests, fresh outlooks as well as seasoned perspectives. We need creative minds and methodical minds. We need the enthusiasm of youth and the wisdom of maturity. We need those that take risks and those that play it safe. We need “techies” and “people persons.” We need those that challenge the way we think as well as those that keep us grounded. Differences and similarities come in all forms, and every idea and opinion is important. We need all kinds of minds that can adjust and adapt to make it work, embracing new roles and taking performance to another level.

Great leaders don’t simply manage change, they drive change. They understand that change is an important part of growth and listening is an essential aspect of leadership. Making the most of our teams and our opportunities demands a progressive attitude and an open mind, and people are our most important asset. Most would agree that the ability to see a problem or an opportunity from different points of view helps us make the best and most informed decisions. Whether building a team, building a program, or building a career, the same holds true.

Loss prevention is becoming more ingrained in every aspect of the business, and keeping pace helps ensure we are part of the solutions. We must be able to stay in front of the business; driving core processes and developing new tools while continuing to support our people and the company direction. As our role expands, lines will continue to blur between responsibilities, and our ability to adjust and adapt helps determine how we can deliver the most value. We need all kinds of minds to bring it all together. Recognizing the significance that holds and how it impacts performance separates the good from the great.

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