In New Magazine Column, Claude Verville, LPC Reflects on Retirement from Lowe’s and Beyond

“Here I am sitting on a plane Monday morning headed to Southern California to visit family and friends after officially retiring from Lowe’s on January 31, 2016, after twenty-two incredible years. I must admit, I felt completely stress free this morning going through the whole airport experience with my wife. Mondays have seldom felt quite like this—at least for the last thirty-five years in retail.” So begins Claude Verville’s first Perspectives column in the March-April 2016 edition.

Verville reflects on his career in retail loss prevention that started as an LP agent for a Robinsons-May department store in California. According to him, he owes his successful career in large part to many individuals who gave him a chance to prove himself and taught him important lessons along the way. His story is likely not unlike many LP professionals who had no knowledge of loss prevention before stumbling into the industry. However, not everyone ends up as a vice president of a Fortune 100 company.

Read Verville’s entire Perspective column, “Retirement and Thanks” in the March-April 2016 issue. The contents of the entire print magazine are available online as well as in a PDF version via the Print Archive.

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