IAI Partners with RLPSA to Deliver a Unique Webinar Series

The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) is proud to announce its partnership with the Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association (RLPSA). As a result of this partnership, IAI and RLPSA will deliver a webinar series specifically designed for loss prevention and safety professionals in the restaurant industry. The series includes webinars such as, FBI’s Tips on Combating Phone Scams and Top 5 Tips to Reduce Cash Loss.

“Our membership faces complex and unique challenges daily,” said Rocco Prate, RLPSA Board President. “We welcome IAI’s dedicated work to serve our niche of loss prevention professionals.”

“We are excited at this new partnership and the opportunity to provide resources that only IAI can deliver,” said Wayne Hoover, CFI, Executive Director of IAI. “With this webinar series, restaurant loss prevention professionals can now enhance and sustain their most valuable interviewing skills.”

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About the International Association of Interviewers

IAI was created to become a knowledge and skills development resource for its members, which includes law enforcement, loss prevention, risk management, audit, government agencies, insurance companies, banking, military, students and human resources. IAI currently has 2,500+ members and 1800+ CFIs and is continuing to grow.
To learn more about how to become an IAI member visit www.certifiedinterviewer.com.



RLPSA’s goal is to help make our members more efficient and successful in their careers by serving as the “go-to” resource for restaurant and food industry loss prevention and security professionals.
To learn more information about membership or to register for the RLPSA annual conference, visit: rlpsaannualconference.com.

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