Loss prevention is a common thread that runs through an entire retail organization. The larger the organization and the more siloed its departments, the easier it becomes for this fact to be lost across the breadth of its org chart. The LP department often finds itself stuck in low gear. How can it break out of this status quo to ensure its efforts help the organization as a whole to win?

LP must make more effective use of available data. This is the key. More data is being generated in the retail environment than ever before. By taking full advantage of it, the LP team can obtain purposeful and actionable insights that have benefits that extend far beyond its own needs.

Solink has produced a 13-page eBook that talks about

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  • Creating an effective business intelligence dashboard to achieve this,
  • The new technology investments this requires, and
  • How the insights derived from intelligent data can serve to drive a paradigm shift between sales.

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