Facial Recognition: Problems and Concerns

facial recognition problems

Facial recognition technology has finally moved beyond the sphere of law enforcement. Now, it has taken off in many industries, including healthcare, marketing, and yes—retail.

The ability to use facial recognition software to gather more information about an individual, whether for purposes of targeted marketing or for safety and security, is becoming a critical tool in business. However, the technology remains highly unregulated, and many still consider it an invasion of privacy.

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Facial recognition problems are the subject of a feature article in the December 2018 issue of LPM Online. In the article, LPM Retail Technology Editor Tom Meehan, CFI, points out major security worries and limitations that come with the latest facial recognition software. From the article:

Facial recognition technology is not 100 percent accurate. Moreover, masks, glasses, long hair, and other obstructions can hinder its use.

Therefore, even though it is useful in easily and quickly recognizing faces, its efficiency depends on the software used and placement of cameras. Besides certain limitations in its function, a more serious issue regarding its use is its invasion of privacy. To be watched, have your face photographed, and maybe even entered into some database is an invasion of privacy.

Concerns about the facial recognition problems surrounding privacy are top of mind for many. Read the full article, “Facial Recognition Might Save Lives But Has Technology Drawbacks,” to learn more. [The article even features a video shared by CBC News further detailing how retail is using the technology to track consumer tastes and behavioral patterns.]

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