EyeOnLP: The Search for a Better Way to Avoid the Expense of Rekeying Locks Led to Innovative Hardware and Software Technology


Searching for a better way to handle rekeying locks for retail stores and other facilities in 1986 led to a rekeyable lock technology that has saved the retail industry millions of dollars in locksmith expenses over the past 30 years.

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“We knew the day the rekeyable lock technology was invented that we had something powerful,” recalls Scott Serani, president and co-founder of InstaKey Security Systems.

As lock-and-key technology has matured over the past three decades, numerous hardware and software solutions have been introduced for a variety of applications. From small format interchangeable cores and unique serialized keys in the 1990s to a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) management platform in the 2000s, innovation coupled with client-centric solutions has continued as a hallmark of InstaKey.

In this interview with LP Magazine’s EyeOnLP team, InstaKey’s Director of Sales and Marketing Cita Doyle, LPQ, provides a look at the company’s latest innovations and product introductions, including SecurityRecords.com® software—the only patented, cloud-based KeyControl® application available—that gives companies the ability to manage their lock-and-key programs in real time from virtually anywhere and on any device.

A “light” version of the software is set for release in 2016 that will provide users access to primary functions within the platform in an easy-to-use display optimized for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Also set for release is a new digital e-signature feature that will provide the ability for key holders to sign off on their individual key assignments from their smartphone.

To read more about InstaKey’s 30-year anniversary, see the company’s recent news release. Additional information on the company is available in the LPM directory.

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