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With increasing shrink loss, consistent employee turnover, and growing locksmith service expenditures, many Retailers need a better key control solution for managing these challenges efficiently.

InstaKey Security Systems provides a progressive alternative to traditional key control methods (or more commonly, lack thereof) that results in significant savings in overall expense and can have a massive impact on your company’s bottom line. InstaKey’s unique KeyControl® Program is specifically designed to improve each of your location’s security while saving time and money. Being a “first line of defense” security solution, this Program improves each key holder’s accountability, eliminates the need to rekey when keys are returned, reduces operating expenses associated with locksmith services when a key is lost or stolen, and maximizes your overall key management program control.

InstaKey’s KeyControl® Program is made up of (4) critical components providing a full range of benefits:

  • Restricted, Serialized Keys – Assurance of control over key distribution with proprietary, restricted keyways marked and tracked with distinct, individualized serial numbers.
  • Simple and Cost-Effective Rekey Avenue – Meaningful reductions in cost and time required for lock changes with simple, on demand, “single key turn,” rekeyable lock technology.
  • Easily Accessible “Real-Time” Information – Command over all aspects of the KeyControl® Program through tracking of serialized keys to key holders and locations in the only patented, cloud-based key tracking platform.
  • Administered Program Partnership – Support with education and training of program procedures, solutions, and best practices with dedicated KeyControl® Program Management.

The ability to implement a Master key system is also available within any InstaKey KeyControl® Program. This would allow authorized personnel to have access to all locks, and the ability to rekey at the Master level without it affecting associate level keys, and vice versa, in the event of a rekeying occurrence.

Find out why InstaKey Security Systems has been the leader in Key Control for 30 years!

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InstaKey Security Systems
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