Dave Thompson Made a Partner at Wicklander-Zulawski

International training organization, Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates (WZ) announced Dave Thompson, CFI and VP of operations as a partner of the firm joining fellow leaders Shane Sturman, CFI, CPP and Wayne Hoover, CFI. Thompson has been an integral part of the leadership team and consistently contributing to the evolution of WZ, following in the footsteps of industry titan, Dave Zulawski, CFI, CFE.

Thompson has occupied various roles with WZ over the previous five years including management of investigations and consulting, leading research and innovation, and currently as the VP of operations. His passion for continued education, academic partnership, business acumen, and providing WZ clients with the most current and relevant information all contributed to the decision by Sturman and Hoover. Thompson will continue to serve in his role at WZ, including instructing programs on non-confrontational interviewing methods across the globe.

Shane Sturman, president and CEO of WZ, stated that “One of the reasons we wanted Dave as a partner in this organization is his dedicated focus on collaboration with our academic partners. This focus has continued to support WZ’s reputation as thought leaders in this industry providing ethical, practical, and relevant content to our clients around the world.”

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Thompson has spearheaded many of WZ’s efforts to educate investigators on the risks of improper interviewing techniques while also serving as a voice to promote the difficult tasks that law enforcement professionals face in the field. He has been recognized by both practitioners and academic partners as an agent of change. His passion in this area is most recognized by WZ’s support of Brendan Dassey, well known from Netflix’s “Making a Murderer.” Thompson shared, “Brendan’s case is one that grabbed my attention on the dangers of improper methods and the important role WZ has in educating for change. I’m excited to have the faith and support from my peers to continue as a thought leader in this important topic.”

Fellow Partner Wayne Hoover is proud to have Thompson recognized in this role, “Dave has been a valuable part of our organization for the last several years. We are excited and proud to have consistency in our leadership team and continue to secure WZ’s position as a cutting-edge organization.”

“I’m humbled and inspired by the opportunity to assist in the long-term future of WZ alongside our incredible instructors and dedicated support team. With any opportunity comes responsibility, and I’m proud to have the platform to represent what we stand for.” said Thompson. Working closely with Zulawski over the last several years, Thompson will continue to focus on the development of content embracing academic research and practical experience.

Dave Zulawski, co-founder of WZ, and currently an officer and VP with the firm shared his support for Thompson sharing, “The foundation of this company was built on delivering relevant, innovative content to our clients. I’m confident in the future of WZ to follow this path and continue to be better than we were yesterday. With leaders Sturman and Hoover, and now Thompson, WZ is destined to be a thought leader for years to come.”


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