CyberExtruder Announces the Release of Aureus 3D Version 5.7

CyberExtruder recently announced the release of Aureus 3D Version 5.7. “With Aureus 3D Version 5.7, we’ve achieved product performance at speeds unprecedented in the industry,” said Paul Nicholas, president and CEO of CyberExtruder. “With our 128-byte face template size, the smallest in the industry, we can perform matching on a database of 7.5 billion people (the world population) in 4.69 seconds. With speeds at this level coupled with superior accuracy and scalability, Aureus 3D Version 5.7 will change the industry. There’s nothing of its kind anywhere.”

Aureus 3D Version 5.7 provides the easy-to-integrate and easy-to-deploy, high-performance face recognition solution demanded in a wide variety of applications, including loss prevention and security, access control, law enforcement and Safe City, and hospitality and gaming. Aureus 3D Version 5.7 is reportedly the enhanced video analytic now required by leading VMS and PSIM systems.

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