Crisis at Your Store Door

The following article originally appeared on FMI’s blog, the Voice of Food Retail.

You work in food retailing. You manage your company’s audit and asset protection responsibilities – and you never know what’s going to happen next.

For instance, is your company prepared for a situation like the one a Washington, D.C., restaurateur faced last year when a man walked into his pizzeria and began shooting, claiming later to be “self-investigating” what eventually turned out to be “fake” news?

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Do you have a plan in place for a similar situation at one of your company’s stores?

The need to assure the safety and security of food retailing employees and customers has never been more important.

The newly revamped Audit/Safety/Asset Protection (ASAP) Conference, scheduled March 20-22 at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, FL, is designed to give those charged with creating company safety plans, store crisis plans and auditing systems the information they need to excel at their jobs in a constantly changing business environment. Over a jam-packed three days, audit, safety and asset protection professionals will dive into highly-focused content relevant to their profession and have the opportunity to network with others just like themselves who face the same challenges they do

Here are just a few examples of the important topics that will be covered at the ASAP Conference:

Legal and Social Issues Impacting the Workplace: Damon Cavasin of SpartanNash will lead what is sure to be a lively discussion on the breaking issues affecting employers and employees today. Five or 10 years ago, risk management professionals had little to worry about concerning trends like the use of medical marijuana, transgender restrooms and the wide proliferation of weapons. Increasingly, however, these are among the challenges they must address in the workplace. Find out not only what Damon has learned, but what your colleagues at other companies are doing regarding these issues.

How to Turn a Crisis Plan Inside Out: Virtually every store or business has a plan it follows in the case of an emergency or a disaster. Most of these crisis management plans deal in the earliest stages with matters “inside the fence line,” within the perimeter of the store. Equally important components to any plan should be the authorities and emergency response agencies “outside the fence lines,” those in the larger community whose cooperation will be vital as an incident unfolds. Attend this session to discover the steps you can take to develop an “inside-out” crisis plan that builds strong – perhaps life-saving – partnerships with public agencies in your community.

Opening Keynote – Off Balance on Purpose: Dan Thurmon, an author and peak performance expert, puts these and the other issues you will cover during the ASAP Conference in perspective. Despite the fact we tell ourselves we should lead well-balanced lives, Thurmon will tell you why that advice doesn’t always work for those responsible for risk management and audit protection. He will tell you how you can experience happiness and accomplish your goals by leading a life that is “off balance on purpose.”

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