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The New Generation of Loss Prevention: Are We On The Same Page?

The goal of the LPM 2019 survey is to provide an objective window into the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of loss prevention professionals at all levels of leadership regarding key issues that effect the safety and shrink performance in retail operations. The results will help see where field and corporate viewpoints agree and, more importantly, where they diverge that may require reexamination of our communications and training programs.

LP Challenges In A “Secure” Environment

Paradies Lagardère is the North American division of Lagardère Travel Retail. We have 10,000 associates in more than 850 retail stores and 170 restaurants...

Partnering With Retailers

 EDITOR: What is Protos Security, and as a cofounder, how did it all start?HENDERSON: Chris Copenhaver and I were on a church league bowling...

Tools and Training Help LP Teams Punch Back Against Violence

Imagine, if you can, the country’s polarized politics spilling over into a store aisle and a retail associate trying to calm a shouting match...
a supply chain world

Making a World of Difference

Among television business announcers doing stock market play-by-play, tit-for-tat tariffs and the "slowing Chinese economy" are frequent causes of shrill alerts and fretful dissection.
Paul Jaeckle LPM 0319

Combining Operations and Asset Protection in Total Retail Loss

EDITOR'S NOTE: Paul Jaeckle, LPC, is vice president of asset protection for Meijer Stores based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He moved to Meijer in...

The Improbable History of the Ink Tag

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The year 2019 represents the thirty-fifth birthday of the first "ink tag." I have had the good fortune to have been immersed...

Why We’re All Millennials Now

Globalization and technology have been shaping change since the dawn of time. But during the life span of the millennials, globalization and technology have...

Unexpected Loss in the Bagging Area

The use of self-scan and checkout (SCO) technologies has grown considerably in the past fifteen years, predominately but not exclusively in the grocery sector,...
secure cargo

Bumps in the Road

Evidenced by the most recent statistics, progress has been made against cargo thieves in the US. The value of stolen cargo is down. The...

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