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7-Eleven crisis communication

7-Eleven Upgrades Crisis Communication to Better Alert Store Associates

When serious incidents occur, retailers’ thoughts turn to the safety of store associates, customers, and implementing crisis communication.
diversity and inclusion in retail

Diversity and Inclusion in Retail

The retail community has largely accepted that diversity and inclusion matters—diverse teams benefit the business. Read our survey findings.
robotics in retail

The Use of Autonomous Mobile Robots in Retail

Smart machines including autonomous mobile robots are generating more brainstorming and actual testing across the entire retail value chain.

The “Real” Problem: Knockoffs Are Cheap but Exact a Heavy Price

Game-changing regulation may be coming, but for now at least—with willing and naïve customers—it’s a real good time to be a maker of fake goods.
workplace violence in retail

Workplace Violence Retail Policies and Training

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), retail is one of the highest-risk jobs for workplace violence.
Customer safety from threats of violence in retail

Maximizing the Value of Preventing Threats of Violence in Retail

With many factors acting as a drag on in-store shopping, retailers can ill afford to have threats of violence and robbery deter customers.
Leverage the strength of your loss prevention journey

Leverage the Strength of Your Loss Prevention Journey

Jennifer Schaefer outlines her loss prevention career and offers her advice for others who are on their own journey navigating the LP industry.
Alt-tech social networks

Alt-Tech Social Networks: What Investigators and Analysts Need to Know

Alt-tech social networks represent platforms that have positioned themselves as new offerings to mainstream sites like Twitter and Facebook.
Brian Dodge RILA

Helping Retailers Solve Problems

RILA represents the largest retailers operating in the US and the simplest description for what we do is—we help our members solve problems.
20 years of interviews

A Look Back at Twenty Years of Interviews

In our 20-year anniversary, we look back at the many retail professionals and other interesting individuals we have interviewed for the magazine.
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