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11 Year-Old Boy Charged with Trying to Rob Store Clerk

Shippensburg (Pennsylvania) Police say an 11 year-old boy is facing charges he robbed a clerk at knifepoint at a Dollar General store Thursday night. According...

Police Looking for Man Accused of Assaulting LP Associates

Edgewater (Colorado) police are looking for a suspected shoplifter accused of assaulting employees at a Target. According to a release from the Edgewater Police...

Five Charged for Shoplifting; Gun Pointed at Grocery Store Employee

Five people have been charged in a shoplifting incident in March at a Farmington grocery store. One of the male suspects is accused of...

Police Officer Hit by Car Door as Shoplifting Incident Goes Awry

Police say a pair of fleeing suspected shoplifters struck a Canton police officer as they drove away from a Canton (Ohio) Giant Eagle supermarket. Jessica...

Suspect Arrested; Wearing $200 in Unpaid Underwear

At Walmart at 2750 West University Drive, Denton (Texas) police arrested a woman on allegations of theft and also detained a woman in a...

DOJ Goes after Scammers Exploiting Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the troublesome spread of coronavirus-themed scams and malware attacks, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) launched a nationwide campaign to detect, inhibit...

Good Samaritan Helped Stop Suspected Shoplifters

Police said a civilian helped stop a pair of accused shoplifters from leaving a Northampton County (Pennsylvania) shopping center with more than $1,000 worth...

Suspect Coughed on Store Shoppers; Wrote ‘COVID’ on Cooler Door

A Missouri man intentionally coughed on fellow shoppers at a store and scrawled “COVID” on a cooler door, police said. John Swaller, 33, of Cuba,...

Recognize Him? Man Wanted for Assaulting LP Associate

The Kennewick (Washington) Police Department is asking for the public’s help in finding a man (image posted on web site) who allegedly assaulted a...

Shoplifting Suspect Charged with Setting Fire to Employee’s Car

A suspected shoplifter at a Walmart store in Lake Geneva (Wisconsin) returned to the store and set fire to a car belonging to the...

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