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Walmart vs Amazon: The Worldwide Retail Champion Heavyweight Fight

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of participating in a Rethink Retail podcast with Bryan Gildenberg, chief knowledge officer of retail, sales and...

The Exposition Hall Experience at the NRF PROTECT 2019 Conference

The expo hall allows the opportunity for loss prevention practitioners to meet with hundreds of solution providers demonstrating the latest in retail security and asset protection tools and technology.

Don’t Miss the Feature Articles in the May-June Print Edition

There is an adage in the publishing industry that “content is king,” meaning no matter what your website or print magazine looks like, if...

Donations to LP Benevolent Fund Will Be Made by Checkpoint for NRF Protect Demos

Checkpoint Systems will make a donation to the Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund for each of the first 200 product demonstrations it provides to retailers from June 12-13 at NRF Protect conference.

Man Accused in Theft of More Than $105K in Stolen Jewelry

Detectives responded to a report of a break-in at a JCPenny Friday night in College Station, Texas. Afterwards, they pulled over a man believed...

Checkpoint Systems Hosts 2019 National Source Tagging Conference

The latest in source tagging trends and technology and robust discussions on recent developments in asset protection and product management were on full display...

Return Fraud: An Analysis of a Chicago ORC Group

LPRC researchers discovered an organized retail crime (ORC) ring based out of Chicago and were able to investigate this group closely to learn more about their return methods and routines.

Brazen Shoplifters Caught on Video Ripping off Sporting Goods Store

Police in Fairfield, California, are trying to track down some bold shoplifters who recently hit a sporting goods shop in the Solano Town Center...

The Walgreen’s Asset Protection Team Urges All of Us to Support Red Nose Day...

Generosity is a gift that benefits everyone and something that we all have the ability to share with others. Every individual has a vested...
intelligent video systems

Why Intelligent Video Systems Are a Must-Have Tool for Today’s Convenience Stores

In case you're thinking that video is a nice-to-have capability, but one that most c-store owners simply don't have time to tackle, keep reading.

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