While we’ve been accustomed to the phrase “the customer is always right,” it is apparent that customers’ behavior has been pushing the limit of what is acceptable for some time. Anti-social behavior, aggression, and even violence are becoming more commonplace in the retail environment year-on-year, while the acceleration of organized retail crime and impact of Covid are leading to growing levels of abuse and physical assault.

Reveal BWC coverWhile traditional methods, such as training, CCTV and security officers, have all proven effective to some degree, many retailers are recognizing the need for a new approach. The experiences of UK retailers have mirrored those in the US, and the technology deployed in recent years that has had a significant impact on the de-escalation of aggressive incidents has been body-worn cameras. In one high-risk store where body cameras were deployed, a UK retailer saw a reduction of 68% in the abuse of its staff by customers.

This whitepaper outlines how body-worn video can be deployed in retail to improve the everyday working conditions of retail associates, to the benefit of employee, employer, and customer alike. Download your introduction to body-worn video today by completing the form below.

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